hello to eFly

E-Fly is high technology product made by Iter srl. The Italian company has a huge background experience in 3d measurements. Starting with aerial photogrammetry and then moving to sports.
Iter is the manufacturer of sports sensors and app for 3d analysis. Capto Golf is leader technology in golf for putting analysis.
E-fly is a new tool for fly fishing casting improving.


The good fisherman who knows the casting technique does not know why a cast really comes well. The system makes him understand what are the times, rhythms and accelerations to have a good cast.


eFly allows you to analyse the movement of both the fisherman and the rod simultaneously. Uses very light sensors with a long battery life and simple interface to the device


The system makes him understand what are the times, rhythms and accelerations to have a good cast The good cast is given by a set of many aspects of the movement, with the system it’s possible to analyse and review and try to replicate  It’s fundamental to improve, to know how cast has been

Farther and Son fly fishing in river

Every Detail

With two devices eFly allows you to decide what suits your needs best. eFly Pro features 5 sensors and captures the data together with the video at to give you every tiny piece of detail.
eFly Express features a lighter app, and offers key metrics to improve important aspects of your cast.  Both allow you to make great improvements and analyse considerations in your casting.

A high level photo of several anglers fly fishing along a river

Analyse, Learn, Improve

Every cast can be recorded and reviewed by date. Each cast can be segmented into a single loop and can be analysed individually.

A mockup showing the eFly Pro app and data metrics


eFly Pro looks at 25+ parameters for every loop including
Back cast
Transition (pause)
Forward cast

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eFly Express looks at 6 key parameters for every loop including
Simplifies loop analysis for:

A mockup showing the eFly Express app and trajectory analysis with data point plotting along the trajectory.
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A mockup showing the eFly Pro app and plane analysis

3D Planes

The 3D position of the rod during the back and forward cast have been interpolated.

3D planes of the back cast and forward cast are very informative to determine the geometry of cast made.

For every 2D plane we provide pan and tilt angles.

In the analysis it is represented by a curve line. The rod tip trace (the tip is calculated 1 meter from rod butt ) There is also representation of rod butt track for describing the rotation about the rod shaft. We represent a point at 20 cm from butt in front of the reel