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Luca Menci, hailing from Tuscany, Italy, is a prominent figure in the field of mechanical engineering and motion analysis. He earned his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florence, showcasing a profound capacity for complex problem-solving and innovation. Over the years, Luca has developed cutting-edge 3D measurement software for esteemed organisations such as Nikon Instruments, LeicaGeoSystem, eGeos (Italian Space Agency), and the MilitaryGeographic Institute, significantly advancing the technological capabilities of these institutions.Luca has registered numerous patents in mechanical and electronic engineering, particularly in the field of three dimensional detection and measurement.In the past decade, Luca has specialised in the measurement of human body movement using inertial sensors and imaging technologies. His expertise and pioneering work led to the creation of the Capto system, a renowned analytical tool in the world of golf. Used by world-class players and coaches, Capto provides intricate analysis of putting techniques, helping to refine and perfect the skills of golf enthusiasts globally.An avid fly fisherman since childhood, Luca has always sought ways to meld his professional expertise with his personal passions. His latest venture, the eFly system, embodies this blend by introducing advanced measurement and analysis tools to the fly fishing community. Through eFly, Luca aims to bring the sophisticated analytical technologies developed over his career to both amateurs and professional anglers, enhancing their understanding and practice of fly fishing. His work not only enriches the sport itself but also provides the fishing community with tools previously reserved for high-level athletic training and scientific research.

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