eFly is a new system for fly fishing casting improving.

Enhancing Fly Fishing through AI and Biomechanics

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Explore the intricacies of fly casting through an in-depth examination of the eFly system's innovative motion analysis capabilities. Discover how objective feedback guides anglers towards mastery, illuminating areas for improvement. Learn how motion analysis quantifies casting efficiency, allowing anglers to fine-tune their technique for optimal results. Uncover the complexity of human movement in fly casting, delving deep into the interplay of body mechanics and finesse. At the heart of the eFly system lies an advanced inverse kinematics algorithm, meticulously tailored to accurately analyse joint movements. Experience the fusion of technology and angling expertise, revolutionizing the art of fly casting.

Luca Menci, a distinguished 3D measurement expert and the inventor of eFly, has leveraged his extensive background in human movement analysis and technological advancements to create eFly. This innovative device seamlessly integrates specific application algorithms through a highly sophisticated sensor fusion process.

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The New Way to Fish

Cast, Learn, Improve

The good fisherman who knows the casting technique does not know why a cast really comes well. The system makes him understand what are the times, rhythms and accelerations to have a good cast.