eFly is a new system for fly fishing casting improving.

eFly Express

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eFLy Express utilisise 1 sensor (white) attached to the rod, gives you the key parameter of eFly in a lighter app with simpler 3d analysis to help you understand and analyse the main parameters.


Accurate output data: 3-axis XYZ (Pitch Roll Yaw) Acceleration + Gyro + Angle+ Magnetic field


48 Grams


90 Minute battery life


BLE (Bluetooth low energy)
Bluetooth coverage range: within 50 meters (without obstacles like walls)


90 Minute battery life


Quick release screw fixings


Sensor - White


Apple iOS

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Difficulty Level
Easy set up and connectivity. eFly is suitable for every person who wants to improve their casting technique.

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The New Way to Fish

Cast, Learn, Improve

The good fisherman who knows the casting technique does not know why a cast really comes well. The system makes him understand what are the times, rhythms and accelerations to have a good cast.