eFly is a new system for fly fishing casting improving.

eFly Kit (4 sensors+app)

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eFly is the most accurate, versatile and game-enhancing fly casting analysis solution available today. eFly is designed to deliver years of trusted, reliable performance.

From range practice to full simulation, whether for education or entertainment, the eFly will truly change your cast. eFly transforms the feelings of the cast into numbers and graphs, helping the understanding of the mechanics of the cast and its magic.


Accurate output data: 3-axis XYZ (Pitch Roll Yaw) Acceleration + Gyro + Angle+ Magnetic field


29 grams


23.0 x 36.5 x 40.0 mm


Bluetooth 5.0 - Bluetooth coverage range: within 50 meters.


Low consumption solid state
10 hour Battery Life


Rod - Quick action screw fixing
Arm - Strap


Sensor - Black
Arm Band - Black with red stitching

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Difficulty Level
Easy set up and connectivity. eFly is suitable for every person who wants to improve their casting technique.

Email us at francesca@efly-fishing.com

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The New Way to Fish

Cast, Learn, Improve

The good fisherman who knows the casting technique does not know why a cast really comes well. The system makes him understand what are the times, rhythms and accelerations to have a good cast.