About Us

E-fly is a new tool for fly fishing casting improving eFly allows you to analyse the 3d motion of both angler and rod simultaneously Uses 5 inertial sensors, together with video, connected to a powerful app that gives metrics of accelerations, speeds and 3d positions in high frame rate Full 3d analysis and compare between loops Improve the casting process with efly!

Close up of the eFly Pro device

Every Detail

The device manages the 5 sensors and captures the data together with the video at 30 hertz. Each frame is associated with a complete dataset of accelerations, speeds and positions in 3d of the 5 sensors. Simultaneous analysis of video and inertial data allows you to make great interesting considerations in casting.


Designed to work on both iPad an iPhone the eFly system utilises 5 sensors to give the most accurate data. 1 sensor on the left arm and 1 on left wrist 1 sensor on the right arm and 1 on right wrist 1 sensor on the rod. This in turns leads to a description of angler’s action contributing to improve performance and precision in fishing activities.

Photo of eFly Pro wrist Sensor being warn by angler
Photo of eFly Pro Arm Sensor being warn by angler
Close up of the eFly Pro device, rod attachment.