Experience the power of 3D visualisation with the Ruled surface feature in eFly! Analyise rod dynamics for flawless casting technique.

The  Ruled surface provides a unique 3D visualisation of the technique and helps for analysing the dynamics of the fishing rod during a cast. 

A ruled surface, in this context, is a geometric representation that consists of a set of straight lines, each connecting two corresponding points (in this case, the butt and the tip of the fishing rod) across successive frames.  This creates a surface that visually describes the bend and flex of the rod throughout the casting motion.

eFly app showing a 3D visualisation of the cast.
eFly App - 3D visualised ruled surface

The system calculates and draws lines between the butt and tip of the rod for each frame during casting loop. This surface can be displayed in the eFly system’s 3D environment, allowing users to see how the rod flexes and twists in a three-dimensional space over time.

By examining the ruled surface, users can understand the exact spatial orientation and bending behaviour of the fishing rod at any given moment during the cast. This detail is crucial for assessing the performance characteristics of different rod designs and materials.

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